What spare room?

I have been keeping a spare room. Daughters have slept in it, mother and friends. It’s been good. I’ve kept the animals out of it because not everyone can sleep with a stack of furry bodies. But no longer. Youngest daughter has moved back in and it is now her room. Where will I sort my towels?

There’s been me and three dogs and three cats for the last six months. While what precipitated this alone time was heart-breaking, I have been happy living by myself with my Fluffy Floozies (ergo, ‘fluffy floozies’ collective description for said furry peeps). Now I have to share again.

Oh, I want to, happy to do it, more than happy. It’s just confronting. It’s been 30 years since I lived alone and as a young woman, didn’t do so well. As myself now, did absolutely fine, better than fine. Who knew? It’s been a revelation that I can live happily by myself. I hope it’s equally a revelation that  can live with my youngster again.

So, no spare room for awhile. Day trips are us for the rest of the family. Sharing a bathroom again. Ugh. Oh well, I’m thrilled to have her here, we will see what the future brings.

3 thoughts on “What spare room?

  1. Our guest room is currently my walk-in closet (because the room is right across from the washing machine and dryer). Whenever my sisters come to visit, I have to find somewhere to put my clothes. The solution to this would be, of course, to get rid of the clothes that are currently in my real closet and make room for the clothes that I actually wear and keep in the guest room. But that would make sense, wouldn’t it?


    • Absolutely. Interestingly since I hit 50 I’ve been clearing out. So much stuff has gone from my house, it’s starting to look empty. I like that feeling. I did the Japanese joy test on my clothes and there was nothing I wanted to part with. They haven’t overflowed to the spare room but I really do have too much. I hear you, my friend.

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