When nothing makes sense, you have to let go: an Introspective.

There are times when despite our best efforts, relationships falter. Be they romantic, brotherly, parent, child or anything in between, there are times when relationships we have put considerable effort into offer us nothing, nothing at all. Then we have to let go.

Let go of the wondering what went wrong? Let go of the how on earth could they perceive me that way? Let go of the it’s not fair. Let go of the but I care about them. It’s not working. Let it go.

So here is my song to myself and for anyone else who needs to let go.


I am tired, weary and heart sore.
I call lodestone to those who hurt more than I do.
Drag your exhausted selves to my side,
We will curl up for awhile
and hide until the moon breaks in the east
And we can beckon to the feast
Of light that drifts beyond the world,
Holding safe to each other in swirls
Of tears.
Be still and breathe slow.
Watch for the morning glow
As tide turns through stars above,
Rest awhile with me in love.
Fury may break and storm overhead,
Anger may disturb your rest,
Return again to your comfortable bed,
Dreams that soothe will be best.
If those dreams cannot be found,
Then allow the tangled mess unwound,
Unravel until it all smooths out,
Curlicues of colour wreathe about.
Rest, rest now,
Lay down your head.
Close your eyes,
Sink into bed.
Hold your hope, light will come soon,
Sliding passed silvery moon.
This time of hurt and trial will end,
Hold out hope, my love, my friend.


(c) CLHHarper 18 July 2014

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