What is it with kids when their mum is sick that they take advantage? Just kids I hear you say? Is it? Is it not a sign of the ultimate in selfishness that when you are tired, in pain and unwell, they don’t even offer a cup of tea?

I have to think to myself, have I been that unkind? No, I may not be big on sympathy, but I do a very nice line in empathy and have no qualms about tucking a child up in bed, heated toy cuddled tight. Make sure all medicines are taken and good rest is had. I even allow television on during the day when a child is ill. How generous is that?

Do you think it’s just that the idea of mum being sick must be ignored until it goes away? Or is it that they just don’t care. At least my son came and made me some tea, when I asked. Daughter? Not on your life. It’s not like when they are are little and you battle on no matter how unwell you might be. They are old enough to get their own food and sort themselves out.

Disappointing and disconcerting.

Let me tell you a story.


There once was a girl. Lila was her name. She was a beautiful child, everyone said so and her mirror confirmed it. For all the years she had been alive, people commented often on her beauty and Lila knew they liked her because of how she looked.

Her mother did her best to teach her that it was the Light within that shone. Sadly Lila did not listen at all, sure that the outer shell was all that mattered. Lila could be thoughtless and unkind to those who did not admire her as she thought fit.

Lila liked best to dance in front of her mirror, to dress in front of it, to sit and brush her hair whilst gazing into her own eyes. Oh such lovely eyes (everyone said so), such glorious skin (even with the occasional blemish). such a wonderful mouth and smile. Lila stopped smiling at others to keep that pleasure for herself. She practised her ‘blank’ look in the mirror so when she used it on people, she could do it just right. She posed and she gazed and could hardly tear herself away.

One day, her mother insisted on going outside for some fresh air, away from the mirror. They wandered to a garden and Lila spied a pond. While her mother walked one way, Lila dashed over to view. Ahh, there she was, how reassuring, just as lovely as ever.

She gazed at the girl in the pond and the girl gazed back. Hmm, she could come out for fresh air often and see herself as much as she liked. Her mother would be pleased she was out and about and Lila would be pleased too.

So, that is what she did.

Of course you know what happened in the end. How the beautiful girl turned to stone (or beautiful boy to flower) and is gazing at herself even still.

and that is the end of the story.


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